Sailors Using Heavy Metal Songs Against Orcas

Sailors Using Heavy Metal Songs Against Orcas

Heavy metal music did not stop Orcas from attacking the boats. What's next? Rock'n'Roll?

In the battle between sailors and Orcas, heavy metal music has emerged as a newest attempt to avoid attacks.

Sailors in southwestern Europe are facing an increasing number of killer whale attacks on boats, especially sailing vessels. They are trying to find innovative ways to avoid these attacks, such as throwing sand in the water or revving the engine to the maximum level.

The latest tactic is playing heavy metal music. Some sailors have started to play loud heavy metal music through underwater speakers. This new approach is named as a "game changer" among the sailing community. The play lists created in spotify like “metal for orcas”

However, it has not not work in all cases. Few reported that it deterred Orcas, but others reported the opposite.

On the other hand, the use of loud music raises concerns about its impact on marine life. Loud noises can potentially harm the hearing of Orcas and other sea creatures, adding an ethical dimension to the ongoing efforts to protect both sailors and the marine ecosystem.

Is the orca playing with the boat or is it an orca attack?

We would like to hear your opinion about this game changer attempt of sailors.

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