Frequently asked questions

  • Advertise your boat or yacht with appealing photos. You can insert an unlimited number of photos of your motor yacht or sailing boat in order to show off as many possible details.
  • A video will enable you to advertise your boat or yacht’s driving qualities and attract potential buyers. Many boat manufacturers already have video’s on Youtube that you can easy link to your advertisement.
  • Please provide as many technical details of your second hand boat as possible. These details (length, beam, year of manufacture, engine type and equipment ) should always be absolutely correct. Rather do not enter details if you are not completely sure.
  • Should you find an prospective buyer who would like to purchase your motor boat or sailing yacht, you should insist on a professional purchase agreement for boats and yachts.
  • Security note: Please be particularly careful when receiving a check from abroad. Please check the buyer carefully and, if necessary, check with your bank when cashing the check.