CarrefourSA Launches Second Floating Market in Türkiye

CarrefourSA Launches Second Floating Market in Türkiye

Türkiye stands out as the first country to introduce floating markets within its waters. These innovative supermarkets, accessible by charter yachts and private boats, provide a unique shopping experience in the middle of the sea.

When embarking on a yacht charter in Turkey, boaters are pleasantly surprised to find floating supermarkets operated by major chains like Migros and CarrefourSA. These floating markets offer the same prices as their land-based counterparts, ensuring boaters and yacht charter companies can enjoy mid-sea shopping.

This makes the floating supermarkets an essential stop for large charter yachts navigating Turkish waters. Boats can easily pull alongside these floating markets to shop just as they would on land. Additionally, tenders from the floating supermarkets can ferry boaters from their yachts to the market and back, enhancing the convenience. Also they give services with drones.

Photos: CarrefourSA

CarrefourSA Floating Market Routes

Selimiye Boat Stops:

Sığ Bay
Koca Island
Kamelya Island
Kuz Bay
Koca Bahçe Bay
Uzun Island
Dirsek Bay
Dimitri Bay
Bencik Bay
Dişlice Bay
D Maris Bay
Emel Sayın Bay
İnbükü Bay
İngiliz Bay
Turgut Bay

Göcek Boat Stops:

Göcek Island
Zeytinli Bay
Tersane Bay
Panço Bay
Göün Bay
Merdivenli Bay
Binlik Bay
Batıkhamam Bay
Bedrirahmi Bay
Büyükova Bay
At Bay

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