You can buy a boat, but not its name.

You can buy a boat, but not its name.

For centuries, mariners have believed that a boat's name gives spirit and identity to the boats. Here, you will discover the story behind the boat named 'Tickety Boo' and then renaming process for the yachts.

“Tickety Boo," is a 1989 model a charming trawler yacht whose name means "it's okay, fine." The phrase "tickety boo" likely originated from British soldiers in India, derived from the Hindi "ṭhīk hai, bābū," meaning "it's alright, sir."

“Tickety Boo" has a heartwarming story spanning several years and multiple owners with the same name. Originally owned by a British senior couple, this beautiful boat was their home in the serene harbor of Marmaris, Turkey. As the couple aged, living aboard "Tickety Boo" became more challenging, leading them to decide to sell their beloved yacht.

In a delightful twist of fate, Fikret and Zuhal Ezberci, a couple with a long history in the boat-building industry, stumbled upon "Tickety Boo" in Marmaris. They were immediately captivated by her elegance and charm. When they learned the meaning behind her name, they even like it more and decided to keep the name as it perfectly reflects the boats sprit.

The Ezberci family, with their extensive experience in boat building, made several enhancements to "Tickety Boo," equipping her with modern amenities while preserving her original charm. They enjoyed many years of memorable voyages aboard her.

Before and After.

However, as their family grew with the arrival of grandsons, Fikret and Zuhal realized that it was time to pass "Tickety Boo" on to new owners who could continue her legacy.

The new buyer also fell in love with "Tickety Boo" at first sight and chose to keep her name, recognizing the special energy and history it carried. Today, "Tickety Boo" resides in Istanbul with her third owner, who continues to take care of her like her previous owners.

In this case, the boat kept its name, but there are many instances where owners want to change the names of their boats. However, changing the name of a boat is not like buying one. You cannot change the name of a boat as easily as changing the name of the owner on the boat certificate.

Many sailors believe that a boat's name holds a unique energy and should not be changed without a proper renaming ceremony. This maritime tradition is designed to appease the gods of the sea and ensure good fortune for the vessel and its crew.

The process involves several important steps:
Removing the Old Name: Erasing all traces of the boat's old name, including the hull, documents and logbooks for a fresh start.
Renaming the Boat: Announcing the new name and officially inscribing it on the boat.
Celebration: Ends with a celebration among the participants, often including food and drinks.

Photos: Fikret Ezberci

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