Yacht Sunk by Orcas- the latest news from Orcas

Yacht Sunk by Orcas- the latest news from Orcas

In waters near the Strait of Gibraltar, a yacht called Alboran Cognac was hit by a group of orcas The 15-meter boat, carrying two people, started taking on water after the orcas rammed it on a Sunday morning. The passengers were rescued by an oil tanker and taken to Gibraltar, but the yacht sank later.

This is just one of many similar incidents involving orcas attacking ships in the area. Experts think about 15 orcas, known as the "Gladis" group, are behind these attacks. Since May 2020, there have been nearly 700 documented interactions between orcas and ships in the region.

The reasons for these incidents aren't clear. Some think the orcas might be curious about boats or just playing.

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