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Model: Nomadream Cat-House 1200 Double Decker Houseboat | Üretici: Nomadream | Kategori: ikinci el tekne
When you step into this houseboat you will be amazed at the use of space.

Beautiful maintenance-free houseboat with three two-person bedrooms. Excellent insulation and year round use. Delivered in July 2022 and only used as a demo boat by the builder. A new 100HP outboard motor was installed at the end of 2023 with 2 years warranty remaining. She is specially built for comfortable use in cold winters and hot summers. She is registered as a Motorboat.

Houseboat Nomadream is probably the only model of this size on the market that has two living levels in the superstructure - 3 rooms, each with a bathroom. And it should be emphasized that these are not micro bathrooms (the two lower ones have shower cubicles of 80cm x 100cm, and the master 80cm x 120cm). It is a house for all seasons, equipped with practically everything you need for permanent living/traveling. The engine is supported by 2 very strong Swedish bow thrusters from Slipner, intended for 40-ton boats, for easy maneuvering in harbors without collisions. The boat also has Raymarine navigation, with echo sounder, charts and a stern camera. The boat's equipment and systems are similar to those of a typical 50-foot powerboat. The user is completely independent in any situation. Thanks to the generator, you can moor in a marina or in places without power.
Large terraces accommodate a large set of patio furniture, a barbecue, bicycles and other water toys.
Houseboat fits the dimensions of road transport.

The construction of the Nomadream Cat-Houses is based on catamaran construction, with two hulls connected by a deck. The composite hulls have the structure of a fiberglass reinforced composite foam, manufactured using resin infusion technology.

Due to the large width and height of the hulls of the catamaran, the space can be used for additional living quarters (Double Decker version, see below photos the drawing (photo-2)) and as a space under the deck - a typical yacht engine room for mounting devices such as tanks, pumps, generator, air conditioning systems, diesel heating, batteries.
The structure of the walls and roof of the superstructure are multilayer sections with a thickness of 80 mm to 120 mm. The wall technology reduces the influence of low temperatures or, in hot climates, excessive heating of the interior.

The main glazing consists of terrace windows consisting of two panes, embedded in an aluminum frame in the so-called hot mounting system. This solution also increases the possibility of using the unit at low and high temperatures. For tropical zones, the glass used is of the higher class that limits temperature and UV flow. Aluminum frames are powder-coated.
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    Nomadream Cat-House 1200 Double Decker Houseboat
    Tekne üreticisi:
    Dmitri Reingard
  • Üretim yılı:
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    Demirleme yeri:
    Polonya, Gdanks
  • Uzunluk:
    12,80m (42 feet)
    4,50m (14,8 feet)
    Su kesimi:
    0,40m (1,3 feet)
    Geçiş yüksekliği:
    4m (13,1 feet)
    Azami ayakta durma yüksekliği:
    2,30m (7,5 feet)
  • Gövde malzemesi:
    CE sertifikası:
    D - Korunaklı sular
    Kaptan köşkü:
    yakl. 11.000kg
    mazotlu kalorifer
  • Mümkün olan azami motor:
    120 BG

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&lt;b&gt;Water tank&lt;/b&gt; 1000 l<br /> &lt;b&gt;Black water tank&lt;/b&gt; 1000 l<br /> Grey water tank 1000 l<br /> &lt;b&gt;Diesel fuel tank &lt;/b&gt;120 l (Generator and Webasto heating system)<br /> &lt;b&gt;Gasoline tank &lt;/b&gt;120 l<br /> <br /> &lt;b&gt;Additional options available on this houseboat:&lt;/b&gt;<br /> <br /> Propulsion &lt;b&gt;100HP Selva (Yamaha) &lt;/b&gt;gasoline with battery, 120l fuel tank. Hydraulic steering system.&lt;b&gt;(Year 2023! 30 running hours&lt;/b&gt;)<br /> &lt;b&gt;Generator 230V&lt;/b&gt; 50Hz Paguro 9000, 8.5kW, sound insulated, diesel tank (automatic switch between shore power and generator)<br /> &lt;b&gt;Webasto heating system&lt;/b&gt; 2x 4.5kW diesel heaters, worm air lines supplied to each room on the boat<br /> &lt;b&gt;Multifunctional battery charger and inverter,&lt;/b&gt; Quatro 24/3000 inverter for some 230V equipment and automatic power switch between generator and shore connection,<br /> &lt;b&gt;Anchor winch 20kgs stainless Anchor, electric winch &lt;/b&gt;with 30m rope, operated locally on steering console or by remote control<br /> Bow thruster Slipener E120 (especially for 40T boats)<br /> &lt;b&gt;Raymarine 9&quot; RV display&lt;/b&gt;, GPS, depth transducer installed on skipper console<br /> Raymarine camera aft deck<br /> Music system&lt;b&gt;Fusion radio,&lt;/b&gt; 6 speakers (4 in saloon, 2 on upper deck), 2 amplifiers,<br /> Dishwasher<br /> <br /> &lt;b&gt;Bathroom&lt;/b&gt; Shower cubicle with accessories, bathroom cabinet with sink, mirror, electric toilet with shredder, lighting, opening window, floor and walls of low maintenance materials, wall radiator 230V<br /> &lt;b&gt;Kitchen&lt;/b&gt; 3,3m kitchen/salon furniture with sink, faucet, 2 cooking zones induction hob, microwave, cabinets, drawers, refrigerator and freezer, upper cabinets with extractor hood. In kitchen are two 230V sockets<br /> &lt;b&gt;Salon &lt;/b&gt;easy care floor and walls, decorative upholstered ceiling with lacquered high gloss panels, free-standing bench, guest table, chairs, 2x 230V sockets and 12V USB, window curtains, salon lighting 2 zones<br /> &lt;b&gt;Master cabin &lt;/b&gt;easy-care floor, soft upholstered walls, decorative above-bed upholstered ceiling with high-gloss lacquered panels and lighting, bed with mattress, bed linen drawers underneath, 230V sockets and USB, window curtain, closet, terrace opening door.<br /> &lt;b&gt;Double-deck lower cabins (with private bathrooms)&lt;/b&gt; with easy-care floor, soft-upholstered walls and ceiling, beds with mattresses, storage cabinets under the bed, 230V socket and USB, window curtains, closet, portholes to open.<br /> Lockers, storage spaces In available empty sections<br /> Interior finishing materials and fabrics<br /> &lt;b&gt;TV Samsung Smart 43&quot; in saloon<br /> TV pre-installation in each cabin<br /> <br /> 230 V installation 230 V/32 A shore power (extension cord 20 m), battery charger, 230 V switchboard, 230 V sockets in each cabin, 1 in bathroom, 2 in kitchen, 2 in saloon.<br /> <br /> Top terrace with sunken roof&lt;/b&gt;, non-skid surface, black stairs with teak steps, stainless steel railing with rope, railing folds without tools, 230 V socket, blue ambient light, speakers<br /> &lt;b&gt;Terrace furniture &lt;/b&gt;Modular benches, table<br /> <br /> &lt;b&gt;Deck inlets &lt;/b&gt;Fresh water inlet, black water inlet, gray water inlet , fuel inlet<br /> Gray&lt;b&gt;water system 1000 &lt;/b&gt;gray water tank, tank level gauge on switchboard, deck inlet to pump-out in marina special point, diaphragm over board, discharge pump, Gray water system Direct discharge on board<br /> &lt;b&gt;Black water system &lt;/b&gt;24 V marine toilets with grinder, 1000l black water tank, tank level gauge on switchboard, deck inlet to pump-out in marina special point, diaphragm pump for discharge over board,<br /> &lt;b&gt;Fresh water system &lt;/b&gt;1000l tank with inlet on deck with level gauge on switchboard, hot water boiler, pressurized water pump 17l/min, hot and cold water lines,|<br /> &lt;b&gt;Hot water boiler&lt;/b&gt; 80l, 230V<br /> <br /> Antifouling Black

€ 354.210

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  • Hollanda, Sneek

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