The Oyster World Rally Entries Open on June 18, 2024

The Oyster World Rally Entries Open on June 18, 2024

The event is exclusively for Oyster yacht owners. To participate, one must own an Oyster yacht, with a minimum length of 45 feet due to event logistics and average yacht speed requirements.

The Oyster World Rally is a unique opportunity for sailing enthusiasts to embark on an extraordinary adventure, exploring some of the most remote and beautiful destinations on the planet, accessible only by boat. The meticulously planned itinerary takes advantage of favorable trade winds and seasonal conditions, ensuring participants experience each location at its best.

Participants are encouraged to explore destinations at their own pace, discovering unique places, immersing themselves in local cultures, and engaging with diverse wildlife and ecosystems. This sense of freedom and wonder is a dream come true for many, offering an exclusive, non-competitive sailing experience supported by a professional, world-class team and optional luxury concierge services from Oyster.

The Oyster World Rally covering 27,000 nautical miles and crossing three oceans, showcases the capabilities of Oyster yachts, allowing owners to sail in luxury, comfort, and safety.

For sailors, the Rally presents the ultimate challenge to hone their skills, while for others, it is an opportunity to create lifelong memories through incredible experiences. Entries are for the entire rally, not sections, and the entry fee is based on yacht length.

The next Oyster World Rally is scheduled to set sail on January 18, 2026, from Antigua. The Rally lasts for 16 months, optimized for global weather and wind patterns. Participants receive extensive pre-rally training and ongoing support at major stopovers, with a dedicated Technical, Logistics, and Concierge team included in the entry fee.

This exclusive event has seen three successful editions in 2013, 2017, and 2022, with the 2024-25 Rally currently underway and future rallies planned for 2026 and 2028. Entries for this unparalleled adventure open on June 18, 2024.

Photo: Oyster Yachts

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