The GN47 offers two days of free cruising

The GN47 offers two days of free cruising

The GN47 offers two days of free cruising after a full charge with solar paneli, which takes five days.

This hybrid-drive flybridge yacht is part of the Greenaval series by Naval Yachts. It provides a unique and elegant cruising experience with no vibrations or exhaust odors, operating in a 100% zero-emission mode. The GN47 features a state-of-the-art serial hybrid drive system, including two 100kW electric motors and a 160kWh BMW battery pack, both from Torqeedo, enhancing its technological capabilities and operational efficiency.

Some key Specs:

LOA: 14.25m
Beam: 4.15m
Displacement: 14mt
Range: 2,500NM
Class: EU(C)
Material: Composite
Engines: 2 x 100 kW Torqeedo AC Brushless Electric Engines
Batteries: 160 kWh hours i3 BMW Lithium Batteries, 2 kWh service batteries and 2x24 volt Victron starter batteries
Solar Panels: Flexible Panels. 4 kWh Energy Storage

The yacht can operate on battery power for 64 nautical miles. With the 20kW generator, the range extends to 2,000 nautical miles. For example, the GN47 can travel from Miami to New York (1,000 nautical miles) using only 1,100 liters of diesel. When docked, the solar panels recharge the batteries, allowing for up to 30 nautical miles of emission-free cruising, such as a round trip from Miami Beach to Fort Lauderdale. The high-quality interior finishings provide a luxurious living experience for up to 6-7 people on board.

The GN47 was recently delivered to the USA. The construction period for new units is approximately 14 months.

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